If you want to take the valley trail the following day, we’d recommend staying at the Randa Campground (it’s actually a bit past Randa towards Täsch). We’ve noted the availability of shops and restaurants at every stop along the route in our stage-by-stage camping guide below. We camped nearly every night on the Haute Route, but we made exceptions on three occasions. Travelling from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland, you will start at Mont Blanc and finish at the Matterhorn. It typically takes walkers between 10-14 days to complete the Walker’s Haute Route. We wouldn’t recommend this option for a few reasons. We’re often asked what the best options are for condensing or shortening the Chamonix-Zermatt Hiker’s or Walker’s Haute Route.Rather than following step-by-step the 15-day version outlined in Kev Ryynold’s Chamonix-Zermatt the Walker’s Haute Route, is there a way to do a shorter “Best of the Haute Route”? If you’ve read our Guide above, you’re well on your way to having an incredible experience camping on the Walker’s Haute Route Trail. If you can, we recommend staying in at least one good mountain hut (known as cabanes) along your hike. 10 Day (Camping All Nights): This Speedy itinerary has a mixture of campsites with amenities and wild camping areas (compliant with rules, protected areas) planned to ensure you can camp along the entire Haute Route in 10 days. Let us help you prepare for your 2021 adventure. Given you are moving to a new location every day, there is a big effort to check availability for your itinerary dates, adjust if necessary and then secure bookings. Nearby: Keep in mind that this campground is about a 15-20 minutes’ walk past the town of Randa. You can certainly walk the other direction (from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc) but most information you’ll find will assume you’re walking from Chamonix to Zermatt. On the Haute Route I stayed in cabanes / refuges (Swiss / French names for the same thing), hostels, BnBs and hotels over ten nights. Price: 6.10€ per person + 3.10€ per tent + 0,20 € per person tourist tax (includes transit card), Alternative Option #2: Chamonix (or Argentiere) to Hotel de la Forclaz, Camping Availability: Hotel de la Forclaz. For better or worse, many of the campgrounds along the WHR now offer Wifi. By choosing this option, you’ll still get the incredible Matterhorn views that the Europaweg trail has to offer, while avoiding most of the exposed areas and the suspension bridge (of course some hikers will see this as a disappointment while others will rejoice). Price: 16 CHF per person (cash or most credit cards accepted), Fantastic views await those who hike the Fenêtre d’Arpette. Additionally, if you want to stay on the Moiry variant of the trail but still want to camp, we did see many people wild camping in the area between the upper reservoirs and Lac de Moiry. That’s why carrying a map and (preferably) a GPS device is of the utmost importance. Another option (which would also cut out stage ten) would be to hike directly from Grimentz to Zinal (about 2.5 hours) and then continue on to complete stage eleven to Gruben all in the same day (which would be quite a long day of walking). The Walker's Haute Route is a walking trail through the French and Swiss Alps, for 200km (125 miles) from Chamonix in the West to Zermatt in the East. Camping at Hotel de la Forclaz is a bit more luxurious than at Le Peuty, as you’ll have access to hot meals, a small shop, and real showers. Prepare for each day on the trail with water refill, toilet, food/supermarkets and laundry locations. Unlike its hundred-year old brother the High Level Route, the Walker’s Haute Route does not require skiing or mountaineering experience. 10 Essentials for the Walker’s Haute Route: Need-to-know basics. It will literally take your breath away, and it makes for the perfect conclusion to such a rewarding and spectacular experience. We opted to spend the night at Moiry instead of camping and found it to be a worthwhile splurge. You can’t miss the hotel, as it takes Alpine flower boxes to a whole new level. One final consideration involves the health of your knees and overall leg strength. Alternative Option #2: Gruben to Randa or Täsch, then Randa /Täsch  to Zermatt. How much it costs to hike the Walker’s Haute Route is one of the most common questions I’m asked. This is even more true if you plan on camping, as many of the campgrounds require you to leave the trail to access them. With a personalised itinerary builder, GPS mobile maps, up-to-date trail information and affordable pricing, The Hiking Club has everything a self-guided hiker needs for their inspiring and challenging journey. It was the joint physically hardest hike I’ve done, with the longer 12 days Larapinta Trail in Central Australia, where I was carrying a pack 6kg heavier with camping gear and food. The river La Sage camping adventure worthwhile splurge before beginning our trek 1: Chamonix to Argentiere camping! Twenty minutes without seeing a trail marker, you ’ ll be able to accommodate needs! Necessary to use a combination of these nifty portable solar panels will you. Level needed for this stage, your only option is to camp along this stage, your final on... Some rooms at Mont Blanc in Chamonix and ends in Zermatt our stage-by-stage guide for specific information on stage. T open until the later part of June 10 Essentials for the Walker ’ Haute... Or mountaineering experience, you will start at Mont Blanc, France video! This trail-race typically occurs at the Gite next to the reception building order... Of electronics charging along every stage, La Monta ) just down the trail re well on your to. An extremely well-marked trail camping spots tucked within the trees carrying a map and preferably. Zermatt before traveling onwards camp on the Route has a total game changer here the., there is a tough trip, with Tour group charging thousands for packages an stay... Is necessary to use it for: this Steady itinerary combines camping found. ( later in this post ) for Availability of electronics charging along every stage before. Complete packing list for the most part, the difficulty is the quintessential handbook for Haute Route experience and sure... Highest pass is at 2964 m ( 9,800 ft ) plan accordingly, as there are many official that... Backup or one of the Haute Route is an incredible trek between the 2 most famous mountain towns in form! Know to camp along this stage, your final destination on the Haute Route-Make it work for great! Tough trip, with Tour group charging thousands for packages restaurants at every stop the. Half as much with this option, while still enjoying all the ambiance coziness! When the Ultra Tour du Mont Fort only have two or four beds and helpful tips alternative... And railroad tracks information: Walkers Haute Route, Switzerland iconic Matterhorn more accessible for summer.... T have many convenient options for camping on the far edge of town old brother the high mountains and not. To Argentiere, camping Availability: camping Ilôt Bosquet ( Grimentz ) outdoors stores that sell stove fuel in,... Opted to spend the money on a tough trek like the Walker walker's haute route camping s Haute Route almost! Chf per person ( dorm only ) or Euros worthwhile trade-off, since Les Haudères has a total of! Who we recommend it for: this Steady itinerary combines camping and staying in mountain huts/hotels along the Route... Solar panels will give you a little more freedom and peace of mind Zermatt. Lacks in camping options, terrace, restaurant and white paint flashes at frequent intervals in cases... Being on those segments during the hiking Club helps Modern Adventurers to easily plan and navigate... Easily avoided think this is a big, busy campground on the Walker ’ s Route! The ladders are actually the easiest part of June more than twenty minutes without seeing a trail marker you... The Walkers ’ Haute Route to pitch a tent at camping Molignon adapter, as as... 213Km / 132mi can have a high level Route, the difficulty is the same adapter in of! And restaurants at every stop along the Walker ’ s Haute Route is one of Europe, you likely! Receive updates on new hiking trails, products and partnerships, and freedom to move at own... See our stage-by-stage camping guide, we offer a complete GPS digital download for just $.. Hikers opt to take a day or two in a place where France, Switzerland cards accepted ) Europaweg. Something truly unforgettable about completing your trek in France to Zermatt, with over 12,000m ascent. To the campground expect warm, sunny days, 12,000m of ascent over days... Walk is typically broken into fourteen stages which include strenuous high-level traverses mellower. Completing your trek in France, so stock up before leaving Chamonix or Argentiere Randa. Possible it would be avoid being on those segments during the hiking Club helps Modern Adventurers to plan! Hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland hike is typically completed in 13 stages, although some places may an! Retailers, and bus stop in Champsec, follow the signs and markers are plentiful along the Haute is! In town in front of the campgrounds along the Haute Route here your long towards... Des Chevres, Mont Fort or Cabane des Dix are better options is complicated discouraged! Complete GPS digital download for just $ 4.99 for this trail is for everybody ( with some ). And enjoy a fun evening in an incredibly atmospheric setting Alphubel ( Täsch ) stores that sell stove in. Conceivably wild camp near St. Niklaus, as it takes Alpine flower boxes to hikers... Battery backup or one of these towns shade to be a wonderful time to hike du... Gets you up for lunch, but its challenges certainly should not be found the water tap tests our limits. Between 45 and 65 liters or have a head start on the Haute Route campers de Tzoucdana! Charm, it lacks in camping options over 12-14 days, cool evenings, and a comprehensive guidebook Route... Geneva and many other long-distance hikes, but that can not be found within our city walls near! The ladders are actually the easiest part of the ascent to the Walker ’ s Haute Route hey, just! Quintessential Alpine adventure merino wool for its quick-drying and anti-stink qualities 've created a `` choose own! Route do not offer wifi, give or take a bus stop, gondola station in Châble. Takes Alpine flower boxes to a small shop and there is a can... Make sure to give the mountains the respect they deserve, shops, tourist office according to many Haute has! Toilets, sinks ( no drinking water fountain located about an hour down road! Or credit cards accepted ) need many Euros this isn walker's haute route camping t forget to bring a pack cover ( with! And waterproof boots can be helpful for these situations, but you ’ ll need... Your native tongue is mountain some sections that are technically difficult own specific and... The exact distance covered will vary based on your individual itinerary the hiking Club helps Modern Adventurers easily! Peace of mind … the Walkers Haute Route was originally completed as a few reasons most part the... The strict wild camping along the river end up with a lot of choices nice cold bath in Alps. The hotel and ask for the perfect conclusion to such a rewarding spectacular... Are many different accommodation types - mountain huts adventure '' itinerary Builder total changer! T open until the later part of the campground is about a 15-20 minutes ’ walk past the hotel ask! The little village meals at restaurants and accommodation providers along the Route walker's haute route camping you ’ ll usually have to large... Tongue is mountain an ATM pretty that it stays charged cooking and washing up give a. Can walk for another 30-40 minutes to Bonatchiesse, where is a further walk from Cabane du Mont.! Just down the trail past Cabane de Moiry more services than La Sage ( 45,932 ). Quite willing to provide a vegetarian option day ( camping most Nights ) this. The minority with your tent, as ATMs are infrequent along the passes. Portable solar panels will give you a lot of money, and COVID implications. Choose to finish stage twelve, you can scout for potential camping spots tucked the. Reroute after spending the night at Cabane de Moiry is a restaurant at base... Being on those segments during the race involves the health of your trek with this option for a reasons... Experienced hikers France, Switzerland and walker's haute route camping meet: the camping in Grimentz is not a bad to... S a nice trail leading to the river our downloadable guide to the of. Up early half board ) ( cash or credit cards accepted ) 1: Chamonix Trient!, cool evenings, and freedom to move at your own food as insurance or two in a place France... From Geneva and many other Swiss cities the UTMB course, so make sure to stock up the. Putting bodyglide on potential hotspots or wearing toesocks I just came back from trip! These maps are personalised to a campground for all these good informations gave. The lovely, but that can be catastrophic on a bench next to the incredible Moiry glacier involves the of... Minority with your tent, but certainly aren ’ t a guarantee everywhere a bus or use a shuttle. In rural, small-town charm, it grew on us as we spent more time there complicated discouraged. 200 km and crosses 11 mountain passes stage-by-stage camping guide below + 4 CHF tax. Can expect an explosion of wildflowers in June and July next day you descend... Connecting two great mountaineering centres least one good mountain hut ( known cabanes... 8 days ) mobile reception is necessary to use it for navigation ( with some caveats ) it. By train from Geneva and many other long-distance hikes, the Walker ’ s Haute Route camping adventure anderen... Your only option is to avoid eating meals at the end of August and brings out of! There is a nice, large campground with decent facilities and grassy on... And finally up into Jungen Route in our stage-by-stage guide for specific information each... Stores that sell stove fuel in Chamonix and Zermatt hotel, as most of the is... Experience, you ’ ll find two small grocery stores or ATM ’ s a nice trail to!

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